Seed Saving

Want to be a Seed Steward?

This is someone who has agreed to grow out seeds we have selected from donations and past growing seasons. The seeds are varieties that are proven, or may be promising, as stock for a community seed source, such as local heirloom vegetables or fruits. Learn how to save seed.

A seed steward agrees to:

  • Learn seed saving techniques to ensure seed purity and viability,
  • Share a % of seeds grown and saved with your stewardship. There is an understanding that failures do happen so this is very flexible!
  • Complete simple records of your growing experience for our Seed Bank data base. We will assist you.
  • Sign off on an agreement outlining these responsibilities and relationship to the Seed Bank Project
  • Commit to one season with your seeds. If things don’t go well for any reason- you are not a failure! We are still interested in hearing the story (grasshoppers ate them? Too much rain? Not enough rain? Too many weeds? Etc..)

If this interests you – Please contact:
Jan Westlund- turnwest (at) two-five-oh -442-480
Sheila Dobie- boundaryfarms (at) two-five-oh -584-4109
NB: These were spelled out to avoid marauding spam bots.