About Us

About the Grand Forks and Boundary Regional Agriculture Society


A vibrant and resilient local agro-ecological food system that unifies farmers, all food producers and consumers.


To regenerate and protect our local food system through ecological agriculture by:

  1. Expanding and preserving local related agricultural systems
  2. Creating sustainable land use and stewardship of natural resources
  3. Building systems for local food self-reliance and food security
  4. Building understanding and knowledge of agricultural issues amongst farmers and non-farmers
  5. Encouraging and providing ongoing education that strengthens local food production and consumption


The idea for a Boundary area agricultural society was hatched in 2008 where many inspiring ideas are born: around a kitchen table.  The farmers and eaters from Grand Forks who gathered one night were concerned about a provincial law that prevented farmers from selling their home grown meat unless it was processed through an inspected facility.   That conversation eventually led to the development of plans to build a community-based mobile abattoir, a project that took hundreds of volunteer hours over six years and nearly four hundred thousand dollars of government funding to complete.

In a short period of time, this new Agricultural Society has spearheaded many projects to regenerate, protect and maintain control of our local food system through education, advocacy, activism.

Considering the potential for economic development from farm-related businesses, and the number of Boundary residents interested in food autonomy, the future for agriculture in the Boundary looks promising.